Week one

Produce a look on yourself based on your identity

My look is homage to a lifetime experience I had, aged 18 & my home up-bringing, showcasing a more mysterious, adventurous side to me. I lived in the Arctic tundra, Lapland after finishing school. I slept under the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights and was amazed by the experience seeing such a natural wonder. I was always fascinated by nature, and butterflies and the variant colours of their wings, being brought up in the Irish countryside. In the past few years I've started to bring to life my drag persona "JMac", which is heavily influenced by my home background and living in Lapland.

Week three

Create a look that incorporates a mask that reveals more than it hides.

Aged 16, I experienced being caught out on stormy seas whilst sailing. Returning to land I received news of my grandfather's bad health, subsequently he passed away and the following months proved hard to maintain a strong front to safeguard my own feelings. This creative brief was to reveal more than it is meant to hide as a "Mask". I used the waves from my experience as a metaphor for portraying the image of a mask.

Week five

Create a look that embodies your worst nightmare, fear or phobia

This SFX look related to a childhood fear I had after being tackled by a ram in a farm yard near my homeland. It was a fabricated fear that stuck with me until mt teen years and returned again in my adult years as a nostalgic nightmare. I worked three silicone prosthetic pieces into the creation of this look.

Season finale

Create a look with a theme of evolution

The Season 2 Finale creative brief was "Evolution".

I approached the brief looking at the scientific term Osmosis. As a definition, osmosis can be a gradual assimilation of ideas, knowledge - quiet like how I felt I progressed through the competition. I soaked up so much of the competition as a whole experience, allowing myself to try new techniques and enjoy the process as much as possible.

I've learned to listen to judges' critiques and understand how to take advice and adapt my work to briefs.